Importing From Other Static Site Generators

Posty 1.x

The posty import posty1 command lets you import from an old Posty 1.x site into a new Posty 2.x site. This command should be ran from a directory which will house your new Posty 2.x site.

It doesn’t matter if this Posty 2.x site directory has been initialized or not, but you will need to make sure that a valid config exists in your site directory.

CLI Example

# From within your Posty 2.x site directory (empty or not)
posty import posty1 /path/to/your/posty1_site

Import Process

Here’s what happens when you run the posty import posty1 command:

  1. All of your media files are copied from old_site/_media/ to new_site/media/.
  2. All of your templates are copied from old_site/_templates/ to new_site/templates/.
  3. All of your pages are copied from old_site/_pages/ to new_site/pages/.
  4. All of your posts are copied and converted from old_site/_posts/ to new_site/posts/.

In each post, the first paragraph of each body will be converted into a blurb, so it’s a good idea to inspect each post to make sure it was converted to your liking.

Additionally it’s a good idea to check that your templates will work with Posty 2.x. See Templating for more info on what variables are available.